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Journals, Reviews & Reports

Post  Michela on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:29 am

Journal of Information Warfare -

Available on Westlaw / Lexis Nexis, etc

British Journal of Criminology
Communications Law
Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
Computer Law & Security Review
Computer Law & Security Report
Computers & Law
Criminal Law Forum
Criminal Law Review
Data Protection Law & Policy
Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review
E-Commerce Law & Policy
E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy
European Intellectual Property Review
European Journal of Law and Technology
Fraud Intelligence
Information & Communications Technology Law
Intellectual Property Quarterly
International Journal of Law & Information Technology
International Review of Law Computers & Technology
Journal of Financial Crime
Journal of Information, Law & Technology
Journal of Money Laundering Control
Privacy Laws & Business International Newsletter
World Communications Regulation Report
World Data Protection Report
World Online Gambling Law Report


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