Cambridge Cyber Security Conference - September 2011

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Cambridge Cyber Security Conference - September 2011

Post  Michela on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:37 am

This conference will include sessions and streams on the topics below:

Cutting Edge R&D and Innovation in Cyber Security: the latest research, successes and developments to support national and economic security. Is government funding of cyber security targeted in the right areas?

Cyber Security and Business Leadership: how company boards need to build cyber security into their corporate strategy and operations. Best practice, measuring success and challenges ahead.

Cyber Security SMEs and Start-Ups: their contribution to countering cyber risks and threats versus role of established defence contractors. Which will be the target of government spending on cyber security?

Cambridge - A Centre of Excellence in Computer Security and Cyber Policy: interdisciplinary collaboration, current research projects and road-mapping for cyber, and opportunities for partnership with industry and government.

Financial Market Resilience: update on UK Financial Authorities Market Wide Exercise 2011: testing the sector’s preparedness to deal with major operational disruptions. Financial cyber security risks for consumers and businesses.

Leaks and Corporate Data Loss: data exfiltration - threats to organisations from the inside-out – survey of risks to companies and government and a discussion of technical and non-technical solutions.

Content, Media and Creative Industries: assessment of critical cyber threats in these industries and solutions and strategies to counter them.

eCrime Fighting: a holistic approach to combat cyber crime – the threat to the world economy and success stories from the Police Central eCrime Unit and the FBI.

An Intelligence Perspective: cyber capabilities to support national security and foreign policy objectives. Offensive versus defensive cyber capabilities - which countries are prepared to defend and attack?

Update on HM Government Cyber Policy: the potential for international cooperation and treaties to manage the threat. Which countries have offensive cyber capabilities and have they been successful?

International Cooperation and Governance of Cyber space: what the range of options and chances of success of agreements and conventions to govern activity in cyber space?

Safeguarding Online Freedoms: privacy, identity and net neutrality. Will governments’ actions to govern cyberspace mean a trade-off between to freedom online and security?


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